Prabowo Subianto is a serious contender in the next general election held in 17 April 2019. Only do some people realize that Prabowo has such a wide and deep concepts how to create a prosper country for Indonesia. The concept from Prabowo is known as Prabowonomics.

What is Prabowonomics actually?

According to Prabowo that there are three fundamental aspects needed to be implemented in order to create prosperity in Indonesia;

Firstly; we need to attain national consciousness that agriculture will determine the prosperity the whole nation. The majority of laboring activities in Indonesia concentrates in agricultural sectors. Unfortunately, the benefits of agricultural sectors are only enjoyed by small amount of landowners and big capitalists. The policy applied by government is not the side of yeoman. As the result the disparity of income between yeoman and landowners is very huge. At the end, the productivity per hectare in agricultural sectors gradually decreased significantly year by year.

How to solve this fundamental problem? Prabowo has offered solution that the government needs to apply policies that siding in yeoman. The government needs to make sure that yeoman need to have their own lands in order to be cultivated productively. They need to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. If the government is doing so, it will guarantee that the productivity of agricultural sector will increase along with the surplus of their income.

Secondly, the surplus income resulted from the increase in agricultural productivity needs to be used to develop industries that intended to be exported. It will support the strong currency of rupiah since global market buys the national products of Indonesia. The economic activities turn to be stronger because of added values from export activities.



Thirdly, government needs to be more actively in developing the two sectors which are agricultural sectors and export oriented sectors. The yeoman will be the backbones of agricultural sectors, meanwhile export oriented sectors will be supported by state owned companies or BUMN and national companies. And also banking sector needs to be controlled tightly by policy of government. Controlling banking sector need to be done in order to make banks are moving according to the policy of government in terms of short, middle, and long term goals. The government needs to make sure those yeoman, state owned companies, and national companies need to have access in national banking system.   Not like nowadays only big capitalists do have the access to the banking system.

More than a decade Prabowo has given speeches in many campuses and villages to apply “big push economy” and known as “Prabowonomics”.  It is an economic development strategy that is controlling the upper course economic activities which is agricultural sectors and upper course economic activities as well. The capital injections needs to be given directly the farmers in the villages or let say that every village will have what so called village owned company or BUMDES. Those villages owned companies will be supported by state owned companies in processing, packaging, distributing, and selling the agricultural products. If Indonesia applies big push economy or Prabowonomics in economic sectors, at the end the autonomy in agriculture and energy will be attained. In addition, the big push strategy will create huge opportunities in any kinds of national industries such as national car, national airplane, national motorcycle, national computer, national television, and many others to be enjoyed by 265 million people of Indonesia.   Sadly, the economy of Indonesia is full of imported goods from everywhere.

Dear readers, do you agree that Prabowonomics can bring solution for our economic problems?

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